Unusual spa treatments


​Surprise yourself this year with a few treatments you may not have come across.

BY Catharine Nicol

Golf Ball Massage, Four Seasons Mauritius at Anahita

This new Golf Ball Massage reportedly gives a great deep tissue massage. The ball fits into a specially designed ‘Kaddy’ holder, helping the therapist keep the pressure even and the rolling of the ball over golf-weary muscles true. The back is an unusual fairway for a golf ball, but expect the circulation increase helping loosen and soften muscles ready for tomorrow’s round.



Cheers to Beers, Sense of Touch Hong Kong

A trend dating back to the days of Cleopatra, and beloved in The Czech Republic, Sense of Touch’s award-winning treatment Cheers to Beers accompanies the muscle-warming beer bath with a barley scrub and deep tissue massage. The dark ale is skin-softening, hair-shining and rich in vitamin B, but unlike in the Czech spas, you won’t get unlimited glasses of the stuff to drink.



Fortune Teller, Amansara, Cambodia

At Amansara, one of Siem Reap’s most luxurious hotels, they bring a local fortune teller (kru teay) to the luxurious spa. The opportunity to meet the supremely kind-faced old lady and interact with her is well worth it, although her prediction that I would have two children has yet to come true.



Chinese Peranakan Treatment, The Ritz-Carlton, Kuala Lumpur

The Malaysian brand Spa Village is renowned for traditional therapies, and the Chinese Peranakan Treatment is a journey that includes an Egg Undulation Face Treatment (having a hard boiled egg rolled over your face) and a Mulberry Leaf Eye Clarity Treatment (having a leaf pressed to your eye). The egg helps to brighten the skin and improve the elasticity and texture of your complexion while the leaf strengthens the skin around the eye and improves the clarity of your sight.



Spa concept, The Capella Singapore

The Auriga Spa here is named after a constellation, and offers treatment according to the different phases of the moon. Therapies focus on renewal during a new moon, refocusing during a waxing moon, finding potential during full moon and cleansing during the waning moon, to help our bodies, minds and spirits sync up with the world’s magnetic lunar power.



Mayan Healing Hands Experience, The Rosewood Mayakoba

Healing hands are one thing but being born again by a real, live shaman? Think salutations to the sound of shells, maracas and chanting, the bestowing of your own personal mantra, and a meditation and rebirthing within a spiritual, healing Mayan sinkhole (cenote) where you’ll emerge from the well’s water (rich with sulfur, silica, quartz and blue-green algae), a new cleansed, detoxified and restored version of yourself.