Tissot is at the Top of Every Summit


The Swiss watch brand that is known around the world for high-tech products that succeed in the most demanding climates and conditions.

BY The Swatch Group S.E.A.

Tissot is many things as multi specialist but afraid of heights isn’t one of them. Since its foundation in 1853 the company has kept aiming for the top by thinking outside the box and creating innovations allied with tradition. The First Cliff Walk by Tissot, inaugurated on September 16, 2015, is another great example of that. It holds the record of the highest suspension bridge of Europe.

Tissot has always been closely associated with the Swiss Alps and the extraordinary efforts of alpine climbers to ascend the highest peaks. Its aim is now to provide the public with a glimpse of what they experience thanks to a suspension bridge, the First Cliff Walk by Tissot situated in Grindelwald. The narrow path, with a 40-meter one-rope suspension bridge leads to the 45-meter viewing platform which makes the mountains and their peaks of over 4'000 meters seem within reach. Crossing it is an absolutely breath-taking adventure that is accessible to everyone with an amazing view into the abyss. You will witness the beauty of nature in all its glory.

Innovators by tradition, the Swiss watch brand is known around the world for high- tech products that succeed in the most demanding climates and conditions. The special materials and advanced functionality of the Tissot T-Touch Expert Solar render it an exemplary product and perfect companion for mountaineers and their expert guides: it offers direct access to multiple tactile functions such as an altimeter, weather forecast and a compass.

François Thiébaud, President of Tissot said: “We are very proud of our continuous partnership with the Jungfraubahn, that was initiated for the commemoration of the centenary of the construction of the railway’s tunnel. Today, we are offering another great opportunity for the Jungfrau region and visitors to discover the beautiful Alpine region with the First Cliff Walk by Tissot. Furthermore, it is an extraordinary adventure that we are happy to be able to offer to the public. We hope everyone enjoys it.”