‘The Spirit of Kata Rocks – an Aromatic Gin That Encompasses the Essence of The Orient


Known for hosting glamorous events, stylish parties and welcoming a sophisticated crowd all year long; trend-setting Kata Rocks resort has now added to the luxury experience with the launch of its limited-edition brand of locally distilled gin. 


Available now, 'The Spirit of Kata Rocks’, is a hand-crafted, ultra-small batch gin made with distinctively Asian ingredients and crafted to appeal to both lifetime gin connoisseurs and a new generation of gin enthusiasts. The gin has also lead to the creation of a new series of cocktails now on offer at The Oceanfront Bar.


Negroni lovers will enjoy the bar’s version of this Italian classic. The Kata Rocks Negroni uses fresh Thai ginger that has been carefully infused into the gin and then Campari and La Quintinye Rouge are stirred in and the cocktail is topped off with a splash of ginger ale. Kata Rocks Secret is clean and refreshing with fresh cucumber slices, Thai sweet basil and lime. The signature Kata Rocks Gin & Tonic is mixed with premium Fever-Tree Indian tonic and served with fresh organic Chiang Mai strawberries. Guests are also encouraged to try their favourite gin based cocktails made with the special edition gin. 



The ultra-small batch gin uses the highest quality ingredients to create a smooth gin that pays homage to the Orient with vibrant flavours. ‘The Spirit of Kata Rocks’ starts with a healthy infusion of juniper berries and Angelica wild ginseng that is then finished with a bold flourish of local Thai herbs and exceptional Asian spices. This premium gin features over 10 different botanicals including notes of fresh lemon grass, fresh lemon peel, coriander seed, fresh bergamot leaf, Sichuan peppercorn, fresh green pepper, green cardamom, white mugwort, fresh pomelo peel, Thai basil and high mountain oolong tea. 


The General Manager of the resort, Scot Toon who has been involved in the creation of the gin since its very inception said, “We took enormous care in creating this gin. We believe there is a huge demand for high quality gin, both on Phuket and around Thailand. The Spirit of Kata Rocks recipe and complex distillation process remains a secret known to only a select few. Introducing our own gin clearly proved to be an audacious choice to select such a unique, rare and eclectic combination of fresh ingredients to produce a full-flavoured gin that is poised to become an instant classic for anyone who tries it.”


With the introduction of its own limited edition gin, Kata Rocks now houses over thirty different gin labels, making it one of the largest collections of Gin on the island. Their collection includes Ink Dry Gin, Monkey 47, Iron Ball Gin, Martin Millers, G’Vine and many other rare and unique hand crafted and boutique Gins from England, Scotland, Germany and Thailand. 


For reservations and package details at Kata Rocks, contact reservations@katarocks.com