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Dine At Mr & Mrs Maxwell’s From Day To Night

BY The Club

Lounge café and bar, Mr & Mrs Maxwell’s has officially opened at the newly refurbished luxury boutique hotel, The Club. Located at the centre of this restored heritage building, Mr & Mrs Maxwell’s brings visitors through an all-day dining adventure. Poised as the living room and the starting point at The Club, the cafe features a unique concept catering to all diners at different times of the day.

Mr & Mrs Maxwell’s day to night dining experience offers a variety of menu options, that changes alongside the venue’s personality, presenting a distinctive atmospheric change throughout the day. Diners can expect to start the day with sumptuous breakfast items in the ‘AM’, local gourmet main course items at ‘MM’ (mid-morning), and wine and dine items in the ‘PM’. Serving up a variety of brunch items with the usual suspects like bagels, eggs, pancakes, and toast, the all-day breakfast is a perfect fit for guests to start their day at.

While there in the mornings, be sure to savour the cafe’s signature ‘Maxwell’s Breakfast Fry Up featuring mouth-watering pork sausages, country-style baked beans with streaky bacon served with seared mushroom and fresh toast. Accompanied with a selection of Australia’s finest coffee beans from Sarnies, Mr & Mrs Maxwell’s lively chatter in the mornings centres around the latest happenings in the Ann Siang Hill area.

The cafe gradually changes once mid morning hits, welcoming the lunch time crowd with a variety of items including its take on the local bites. With 14 main course items to choose from, this little gem in the mid-mornings is a great place for its naturally flavorful food, with generous portions and interesting local creations. Expect culinary infusions such as the Wok Breath Waygu Beef featuring the wok-fried hor fun rice noodle with a rich XO sauce, silver sprouts and Waygu beef slices. Other specialties include The Club Burger, Maxwell’s Sandwich and the Lamb Rendang.

At night, the venue transforms into a lounge bar and blends its unique personality to the host of nightlife activities in the Club Street area. Mr & Mrs Maxwell’s comes to live at night with groovy tunes behind its lavishly beautiful interior. Offering a place to unwind and lounge with signature cocktails and spirits during happy hour, pair large assortment of wines, house pours and beers with delectable food from its all-day dining menu. Visitors in the nearby CBD area can take the much needed break from the office and join in the lively personality.

Guests to Mr & Mrs Maxwell’s cafe can also look forward to a cocktail menu inspired by the comedy-mystery film series, The Thin Man. Presenting a series of signature cocktails mirrored after the various characters behind the famous 1930s movie. The bar features $19 cocktails based on the show’s primary characters: Nick Charles, Nora Charles, Clyde Wannant and Julia Wolf – where fans can drink like their favourite characters. With its intriguing cocktail components and compelling commentary displayed on the menu, both fans of the movie and visitors will love this idea.

The lounge further extends over to a courtyard garden, The Champagne Yard to accommodate the increasing popularity of the nightlife of the Club Street area. Located on the mezzanine floor on the 1st level, the venue is perfect for intimate gatherings and special celebrations, offering an extensive selection of premium champagnes and wines amidst the bustle and energetic personality of the Club Street district. Pair wine offerings with bite-sized snacks and appetisers such as the Steamed Rock Oysters, Mini Eggs Royale and the Drunken Sakura Chicken.

The venue’s personality transcends with the concept of a warm and homely experience, emphasizing a strong focus on hospitality and service. The rustic and earthy tones of the venue complements the unique displays and paintings, specially curated to soften the mood for a comfortable yet sociable setting.


The Club is located at: 28 Ann Siang Hill, Singapore 069708