Pure Air Perfection


Bubble Pure Air treatment for the betterment of skin and life.

BY Laurel Wong

On the average, everyone of us takes between 16,000 and 23,000 breaths a day. Breathing of pure air is not only the fastest and most effective way to recover after physical exercise, it is also a natural anti-aging therapy and great for mental relaxation. 

During sports, strenuous effort produces a significant increase in oxidized metabolites, which are responsible for oxygen debt (the recovery needs of energy producing systems in the body require an additional expenditure of oxygen) that forces athletes to inhale faster in order to recover. This, in a polluted atmosphere, would mean inhalation of more particles and increased wear on the respiratory pathways.

First developed by Spanish company ZONAIR3D to counteract environmental pollution and continual deterioration of air quality, Bubble Pure Air has extended its functions considerably. Famously used by current French Open champion Rafael Nadal and the Spanish Tennis Federation throughout their Davis Cup campaign, Nadal has also, through his foundation, donated four of these to the Special Olympics Foundation in 2011 to provide people with intellectual disabilities develop and achieve social integration.

From sporting life to saving lives, Bubble Pure Air has also become an important tool used by Doctors Without Borders as a sterilized space to perform emergency surgeries in countries like Syria during the war and the Philippines after Typhoon Haiyan in 2013.

Out of these varied uses, a holistic approach is born. In 2009, award-winning Spanish beauty empire Natura Bissé debuted its own Bubble Pure Air at the 2009 Oscars to celebrity acclaim. It has since also featured in the Golden Globe Awards and the Hong Kong International Film Festival. Today, the Natura Bissé Bubba Pure Air travels around the globe to remedy stressed-out skin and bodies and recently made a stop to Adeva Spa here in Singapore.

Taking temporary residence at the Paragon-based spa, we had the pleasure of immersing ourselves in a quiescent environment, permeated with soft aromatic notes and 99.95 percent pure air to detox and relax. Various treatments are enhanced within the clean environment, like the 60-minute Quirogolf Massage that begins with body alignment and deep breathing exercises.

Using therapeutic Natura Bissé golf balls and Natura Bissé Quiromassage Cream, rhythmic gliding maneuvers are performed on the skin over the overlying tissues using moderate and progressive pressure in unison, starting with the paravertebral muscles right down to the soles of the feet.

One of the key ingredients in the Quiromassage Cream is Mimonosa Tenuiflora. It contains natural anti-inflammatory properties to relax muscles and promote cellular regeneration at the same time. Lady golfers who are concerned about varicose veins and broken capillaries will find comfort in the use of Camphor to strengthen capillaries through vasoconstriction, while Essential Cinnamon Oil and Essential Ginger Oil content helps to activate microcirculation, cellular and enzymatic metabolism, as well as oxygenation.

The power of touch extends far beyond the physical, transcending the barriers of our psyche to elevate the mind and body to a state of complete relaxation. A unique and novel treatment, the bubble is on the move again but looking to return in 2015.