Lexus Singapore’s partnership to provide assistance in the North-West community


Lexus Singapore has announced today a partnership with North West Community Development Council (CDC) on a corporate social responsibility (CSR) campaign to provide utilities assistance to over 200 underprivileged households within the North West district. Aptly themed Power Up with Lexus Hybrid, the CSR project is initiated by Lexus Singapore in celebration of World Environment Day, held on June 5 each year, to further emphasise the cost and environmental benefits of driving a Lexus Hybrid vehicle. 

In 2015, Lexus Singapore has sold approximately 400 hybrid vehicles which generated an estimated combined fuel savings of SGD 100,000 within the year. Out of this figure, half of it (SGD 50,000) will be donated to the North West Utilities Assistance Scheme to help families facing imminent disconnection or whose electricity supply has been disconnected. 

Dr Teo Ho Pin, Mayor of North West District says, “North West Community Development Council (CDC) has been actively promoting the culture of giving back and we are pleased to have Lexus Singapore on board this time to donate $50,000 to help over 200 needy households. The assistance will serve as interim help to defray needy household’s utility expenses, relieving households from having their power supply disconnected 

due to arrears. Moving forward, we hope to encourage more corporate partners to join us in strengthening our CDC’s mission in building a Caring and Healthy North West Community.” 

The beneficiaries consist of Singapore and Singapore Permanent Resident households residing within the North West District, with a household income below SGD 1,900 or Per Capita Income lower than SGD 750. These families have either received Singapore Power (SP) Services “Notice of Disconnection of Supply” or are under Pay-As-You-Use (PAYU) scheme and facing imminent disconnection. 

An example of a family that will benefit from this campaign is 50-year old Mr Raju (not his real name) and his family who have experienced disconnection in power services recently. Both Mr Raju and his wife are facing health problems but Mr Raju, being the sole breadwinner, is still working hard to make ends meet. The family will be assisted under the North West Utilities Assistance Scheme where they will be supported with $360 worth of Power Up vouchers. 

During an interview, his 24-year-old daughter, who just gave birth and is also facing health problem, mentioned that, “The vouchers can help to defray our utility bills, allowing us to channel the money for other household expenses. This is especially important in our current financial condition.” 

“Lexus, a pioneer of hybrid technology, puts in tremendous effort in research and development to constantly maximise fuel efficiency, contributing to a cleaner environment. Since the introduction of our first hybrid in 2005, Lexus has sold over one million hybrid cars globally, which translates to one million cars on the road that use lesser fuel, and output lesser harmful emissions. Through this campaign, we want to give back to the community, and help families get back on their feet by donating a portion of the estimated combined fuel savings saved from the Lexus hybrids sold in 2015 in Singapore.” said Mr William Choo, Commercial Director of Lexus Singapore. 

Lexus’ environmental efforts have grown out of a genuine respect and concern for the earth’s environment. Guided by a clear vision of sustainable mobility, the brand works on a global scale to minimise the impact of its operations on the environment by pioneering the use of high-recovery materials, and researching and using parts that are easy to recycle. Even the least visible parts of a Lexus are designed with this in mind: recycled bumpers are used to make trim for the luggage compartment and recycled, shredded soundproofing material is used for the silencer behind the dashboard. 

Lexus International has set ambitious environmental goals for 2050, and Lexus today features a wider hybrid model selection than any other luxury automotive brand in the market. 

In Singapore, Lexus carries seven hybrid models, namely the CT Hybrid compact hatchback, The IS Hybrid Compact Sports Sedan, NX Hybrid Compact Sports Utility Vehicle, RX Hybrid Luxury Sports Utility Vehicle, ES Hybrid Luxury Sedan, GS Hybrid Luxury Sports Sedan and the top-of-the-line LS Flagship Luxury Sedan. 

The Lexus Hybrid Drive is the most sophisticated hybrid technology available, simultaneously delivering quiet, fuel-efficient power, and clean emissions. Being at the forefront of hybrid technology, Lexus has saved millions in fuel consumption all over the world. Lexus Singapore will continue to do its part to raise the bar in reducing the brand’s environmental footprint and further spreading the benefits of hybrid technology to more drivers.