From Zero to Infiniti


When technology hits the road at today’s Infiniti Drive Singapore

BY Wearnes Automotive Pte Ltd

Wearnes Automotive provided Singapore’s auto-enthusiasts with the opportunity to get behind the wheel of Infiniti’s current model line-up – the Q50, Q70 and QX70 – at the Infiniti Drive Singapore event on 31 October 2015 and 1 November 2015 at Changi Exhibition Centre. At the event, attendees experienced the newest and most celebrated features through a series of rigorous driving exercises meant to push the limits of how we drive today.

In one exercise, participants navigated challenging courses in Infiniti models with blacked out windows, ensuring that they relied solely on Infiniti’s Around View Monitor (AVM). The AVM allows for a near 360 degree view of the vehicle and its immediate surroundings, which is projected onto the high resolution monitor of the vehicle’s infotainment system. This intuitive system increases the driver’s awareness of the vehicle’s environment, thereby reducing the risk of accidents.

In another exercise, participants tested Infiniti’s Direct Adaptive Steering (DAS) system through a gymkhana course which included a series of slaloms and other difficult manoeuvres. DAS allows drivers to alter and personalise steering weight and responsiveness to their liking. The DAS system also helps to minimise driver fatigue and steering response time, therefore enhancing overall safety for the driver and all of the vehicle’s occupants.

Throughout the event, participants experienced the different pre-set drive modes available in Infiniti’s vehicles. Choosing from “Sport” or “Eco”, drivers picked the driving characteristic of the Infiniti vehicle they were in. Depending on the driver’s preference, the drive could either be aggressive and sporty, or one that is focused on fuel-efficiency and comfort. With the ability for drivers to set the driving behaviour and characteristic of their Infiniti vehicle, Infiniti takes personalisation beyond just the colour of the exterior or interior of their cars.

“At Infiniti we are committed to delivering next-generation driving solutions that marries cutting-edge technology to the everyday driving experience,” said Michael Cope, Senior Manager (Asia & Ocenia) of Infiniti Motors Limited. “Through this year’s Infiniti Drive Singapore, both our current and prospective customers got the chance to experience the latest automotive innovations in our vehicles, taking the systems to the test under trying conditions, all under the tutelage of our experienced instructors. These systems are designed to make their everyday drive safer, more convenient and most importantly, more enjoyable.”
The accomplishment of Infiniti’s product offerings can be seen in its unparalleled success in the premium car segment. Land Transport Authority (LTA) statistics indicate that Infiniti is the fastest growing premium car brand in the Singapore market, with 384 percent Year-on-Year growth in vehicle registrations.

“We are humbled to have enjoyed such great growth in our market. The unrivalled success since our entering the market in 2012 under the Wearnes distributorship is testament to the overall quality and value of our product offerings - the two things we are committed to providing our customers, both present and future” said Kevin Teng, Managing Director (Infiniti) of Wearnes Automotive.