Bali National and Senayan National


A bundled membership for exclusive enjoyment in Indonesia.

BY Benny Teo

The latet proposition from Bali National and Senayan National golf clubs, both hallmarks of luxury and exclusivity in their respective lands, is a bundled membership that allows those who sign up for it, to enjoy both facilities with full membership privileges. At US$65,000, the value proposition is high with membersip at barey two-year-old Bali National already selling for US$60,000 and the more mature Senayan National at US$20,000. This represents net savings of US15,000 that could go some way in perhaps purchasing a villa at the glorius new site to Nusa Dua. But we shall leave that for later. 

Redesigned two years ago by Nelson Haworth, Bali National Golf Club, or what was once nown as Bali Golf and Country Club, has transformed into a beautiful Par 71 resort course that offers equal measures of challenge and fun. With broad fairways, elevation changesand exciting holes layouts like the Par 3, 17th with an island green, there are plenty of reasons to visit. At 140 metres and with a mid-iron in hand, a tee shot here can result in triumphant celebration or card-wrecking despair. Its adjoining cobbled-stone bridge is great for picture opportunities that lasts until the next round, which may be very soon if one signs up to member.

In addition, along the 17th and 18th holes and just moments from Nusa Dua sparkling white sand beach are located the most exclusive golf villas in Bali. With two and three-bedroom options featuring spectacular golf scenery, fully equipped kitchen and an outside patio which includes a large social area with private swimming pool and outdoor jacuzzi, this modern facility also comes with 24-hr professional and butler services. 

Senayan National Golf Club has a longstanding heritage in the psyche of the golf community in big city jakarta. At 50 years olf, it has seen many fgolfers, both local and forreign walked its par69 fairways lined with tropical trees and tranquil lily filled ponds. Located at its prime location at the heart of the city's business and retail centre, the golf course has been given rejuvenated boost four years back by architect Bob Moore and now represents one of the finest golf clubs in town. 

Off the course, Senayan National is adorned with a luxurious executive clubhouse featuring a choice of authentic Japanese cuisine at Takumi Robata & Sushi; a coffee bar named Café du Jour, overlooking the greens; and a Tarrace Café that serves both Asian and Western fare. With function rooms available for business seminars and even exhibitions, many an intimate event, including weddings have been held there. 

Bali and Jakarta represents the two most visited places in Indonesia by any measure. Most certainly for golfers and vacation-seekers looking for either an urban sprawl to spend the weekends at, or a beachside retreat to ease the stresses away. Suffice to say, anyone, from businesses to families can appreciate the comforts thta a home away from home may offer. Or a home club away from home.