A Drive Back in Time


The nation’s first ever virtual reality heritage tour smartphone app.

BY Audi

It was an afternoon rich in history and nostalgia at the VIP launch of the ‘SG50 Time Machine’, Audi’s Golden Jubilee gift to Singapore. At today’s exclusive VIP preview of ‘A Drive Back in Time’, the nation’s first ever virtual reality heritage tour on the road, guests were greeted by a fleet of Audi A6, ready to take them through Singapore’s iconic Civic District on a journey back in time. Over 100 guests were in attendance, including personalities from television, radio, society, and business – all of whom were booked on a round trip drive, straight through to 1965 Singapore.  of whom were booked on a round trip drive, straight through to 1965 Singapore. 

‘A Drive Back in Time’ reflects the transformation of the nation over the last 50 years, through a multi-sensory experience created by the ‘SG50 Time Machine’. Available for download on both iOS and Android platforms, the ‘SG50 Time Machine’ uses the latest virtual reality technology to create an unparalleled 3D experience of Singapore in 1965 complete with interactive landscapes, buildings, roads and people with Audi Singapore Brand Ambassador, Dick Lee as the virtual tour guide. At the event, guests equipped with a specially designed headset and the LG G4, were chauffeured in style in an Audi A6 around the country’s iconic Civic District to experience Singapore in 1965.


“Singapore has made tremendous progress in the 50 years since its independence. Audi will take you back in time to see how far Singapore has developed. This is Audi’s gift to Singapore for the jubilee celebration,” said Mr. Jeff Mannering, Managing Director, Audi Singapore. 

“We are excited to partner Audi in this SG50 commemorative activity. The LG G4 is a natural fit for the ‘SG50 Time Machine’ as its Quad HD IPS Quantum Display which is optimized to the Digital Cinema Initiative (DCI) standards - color expression standards used by film makers - is essential to bring out the realism of the journey,” said Mr. Scotts Jung, Managing Director of LG Electronics Singapore. “‘A Drive Back in Time’ is a timely initiative as LG gets to join the nation in celebrating Singapore’s Jubilee and honoring her in a meaningful and innovative way.”

 Audi Singapore’s ‘A Drive Back in Time’ will be open to the public from 17 October to 25 October 2015. To experience this historic journey, please visit http://adrivebackintime.sg/