World Premiere of the UR-106 “Lotus”


The spirit of independent watchmaking amongst the fairer sex is equally passionate and revered.

BY The Hour Glass

The Hour Glass and URWERK are proud to unveil the independent brand’s first-ever ladies watch collection, the UR-106 “Lotus” in Singapore! This marks the brand’s World Premiere of the UR-106 “Lotus”, presented to over 40 VIP female guests of The Hour Glass. Known for its avant-garde and innovative time machines, it is a completely unprecedented rarity for URWERK to put together the ladies-only luncheon, proving the spirit of independent watchmaking amongst the fairer sex is equally passionate and revered.

URWERK Co-Founders, Mr Felix Baumgartner and Mr Martin Frei were both in town to officially launch the UR-106 “Lotus”. Themed the “Rock Princess”, the ladies-only luncheon was hosted at the critically acclaimed Iggy’s restaurant, and carefully curated to scintillate the ladies’ interest from start to finish. 

Anchored by a monochromatic Black or White theme that pays homage to the duality of the UR-106 “Lotus” available in 2 versions: one in titanium and steel with diamonds, and the antithesis in black PVD-coated titanium and steel set with black diamonds. The ladies were dressed up in black or white attire, the classic combination that never goes out of fashion.  

Inheriting the famous DNA of URWERK’s conception – the satellite hour indicators, the UR-106 “Lotus” showcases a new moonphase display; the lapis lazuli of the moon was selected from hundreds of other colours. The glittering gemstones and soft curves are also another novelty, a design detail representing the beauty of women in all their complexity. The carrousel and its satellites are meticulously satin-finished by hand, each numeral for the hours and minutes are painstakingly painted. 

Akin to a work of wrist-art, the UR-106 “Lotus” is a rigorous undertaking of 18 years brought to perfection by the dynamic URWERK duo.


The UR-106 “Lotus” timepiece retails for SGD $160,800.

The Hour Glass is the exclusive retailer for URWERK in Singapore.