The Winter Blossom


The best style in winter is warmth.


The name of Bauhaus has been well-known since 19th century, for its uniformity and rationality, richness and diversity, humour and playfulness of Bauhaus’ aesthetic and arts. What is art? This question appears often and variety of answers can be obtained; however, most people feel that art is something that cannot be defined. 

“The essence of all art is to have pleasure in giving pleasure.” quoted Dale Carnegie, an American writer. On this Autumn/Winter 15/16, BONIA offers you the newest iconic collection- Annelise, and allows you to witness the pleasure of art through the eyes of artist. Inspired by the artistic canvas in Staatliches Bauhaus, Pepe Torres dyed his clean-cut leather canvas into warm as well as cold hues that reminisces the ladies’ fervor and the windy and chilly seasons.

The ingenious designer, then, sketched the enchanting blossom paradise onto his funky canvas that represents the eternal summerlike passion in you. Sewing the mystique black zipper on the back of handbag, the designer highlighted the boldness of clearly-outlined stroke that resembles the simplicity of fine contemporary art.

Annelise collection by BONIA showcases the beauty of feminine and jollity of arts, and is meant for every woman in the world. Carry this masterpiece with you and let the blazing charisma of your femininity sways its way unreservedly.