Breathing Exospace B55 Connected


Breitling’s first connected chronograph

BY Mercury

In creating its first connected chronograph, Breitling has applied a new philosophy placing the smartphone in the service of the watch so as to enhance its functionality and user-friendliness. With the Exospace B55, the brand reaffirms its position in the vanguard of electronics. The instruments of the future, designed for aviation profesttionals. 

Performance is Breitling's leitmotif in each of its technical advancements. It was also the core driver for the brand in developing its first connected chroograph. There was no uestion of turning a watch into an extension dependent on a smartphone yet less efficient than the latter. The chronograph remains the absolute master and the connection is primarily designed to improve its functinality. Two-way communication enables the two-instruments to form a perfectly complementary pair in which each is used for waht it does best. Since the main assets of a smartphone are its screen and its ergonimic interface, owners of the Exospace B55 can use their phone to perform certain adjustments (time-setting, timezones, alarms, display and operating parameters, niht mode). The result is a considerable gain in comfort and efficiency. Conversey, the user can upload from the chronograph to the smartphone the results of various measurements (flight times, recoreded times with split times, lap times, etc.) so as to be able to read the more easily, store them or pass them on. The new connected watch system devised by Breitling thus facilitates the use of the chronograph functions, in keeping with the spirit of authentic instruments for professionals. An authentic life companion, the Exospace B55 multifunction electronic chronograph also receives notifications of the smartphone's incoming emails, messages (SMS, WhatsApp) or phone calls (with caller's name of number) as well as reminders of upcoming appointments.


The ultimate pilot's instrument

This next generation chronograph is distinguished by its reolutely technical design featuring a sturdy and light titanium case equipped with a rotating bezel complete with rider tabs, and an exclusive TwinPro strap in two-tone rubber. This compendium of innovations houses an exclusive Caliber B55 with analog and digital display, equipped with a range of original function tailor-made for pilots. These include and electronic tachymeter, a chronograph recording up to 50 split times and a countdown/countup system that is useful in enablinga sequence of countdown and timing operations. An eminently aviation-oriented "chrono flight" device serves to record "block times" (times elapsed from the moment the plane begins to taxi towards takeoff through to when it comes to a halt at the end of a mission) and flight times, while memorizing departure dates and times, arrival times, as well as takeoff and landing times (Block and Flight Times functions). User-friendliness is enhanced by a particularly simple and logical control mode, involving function selection by rotating the crown, and activation/deactivation by means of two pushpieces. The two ultra-legible LC (liquid crystal display) screens feature a backlighting system that may be activated merely by pressing the crown - or when the user tilits his wrist at a more than 35angle (Tilt function) - that proves particularly effective when the hand is gripping aircraft controls or a steering wheel. Powered by a rechargeable battery system, the exclusive new multifunction Breitling Calber B55, a SuperQuartzTM movement ten times more accurate than stadard quarts, is a chronometer-certified by the COSC (Swiss OfficialChronometer Testing Institure). A sunfire means of charting a course towards precision, reliability and performance. 

Movement: Manufature Breitling Caliber B55, officially chronometer-certified by the COSC, thermocompensated SuperQuartzTM, analog and digital 12/24-hour LC backlit display. 1/100th of a second chronograph, Coordinated Universal Time (UTC), Countdown/ Countup (or MET Mission Elapsed Time), flight time chronograph, lap timer chronograph, electronic tachymeter, countdown, 2nd timezone, 7 daily alarms, perpetual calendar with week display, battery charge indicator.

Case: black titanium. Water-resistant to 100m/330ft. Unidiretional ratcheted rotating bezel. Sapphre crystal, glareproofed on both sides. Diameter: 46mm. Dial: Volcano Black. Strap: TwinPro.