A Proud Matador


A Lladró porcelain is a bespoke piece of craft that can take months and more than a few
hands to create. So, when they release a limited edition piece of art, one can say safely assume
that it will take centrestage at any home.

BY Benny Teo

For us, the Matador is one such intriguing mantelpiece. Standing at 46cm tall, the intricate detailing that this iconic Spanish hero displays in the act of bullfighting catches the pride of his vocation in full splendour; yes, and that of this Valencia-based porcelain maker as well.

Lladró pays tribute to the world of bullfighting with the 250-piece limited edition Matador. An earlier version of this piece decorated in black has practically sold out in less than six months, expect this red version to be popular among fans as well.

The torero (bullfighter) is depicted wearing an elegant red costume embroidered with golf thread, a colour reserved for toreros who have taken the alternative, a ceremony that recognizes them as a fully-fledged bullfighter so that they dominate all the different passes and stages in a bullfight.

Holding a cape with both hands, the torero is performing a “veronica”, perhaps the most basic of all movements, the most classic pass and one that is almost obligatory in the so-called “lances de saludo” or opening movements.

As a collection, this represents one of Lladró’s purest representation of a torero, which until now, contained a more naïve and childlike interpretation.



Lladró is at 290 Orchard Road, Paragon, #01-28.
Tel: +65 6738 3900.